Ground Solutions is a blower truck service company started in 2009. Its principal owner, Jordan Kamps, started Bedrock LLC  (a conveyor application company) in 2003 and has added a new dimension to the existing company. This added dimension allows us to continue to be a leader in material placement and gives our customers even more options to install and place their materials.

Ground Solutions focuses on installing mulch, bark and cedars into landscape beds for commercial and residential applications.  We help many school districts and park and recreation departments keep their playgrounds refreshed with engineered wood fiber as well and handling new installations.

We have expanded to handle green roof soils, mulch and aggregates to elevated roofs and planters.  We also are working with landscapers, school districts and home-owners to repair turf through terraseeding as well as helping maintenance turf areas by topdressing with compost and sand blends.

Our business is still founded on the same values of outstanding customer service through integrity, honesty and hard work. Our company’s goal continues to be to take care of its clients and provide excellent service. We offer our clients the advantage of reduced labor, time and costs by installing their products using blower trucks and conveyors.