• EWF/Playsoft

    The blower truck is the standard to install Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) into any playground. Whether it is new construction or a top-up, the blower truck is the best option as it delivers and installs the EWF. No mess, no piles and it provides easy access and minimal site disturbance. Material is placed quickly and evenly around the equipment at the proper depth level.

    We are a certified installer of Playsoft engineered wood fiber, Colorado’s leading playground safety surfacing. See for more details.

    We also are an installer for all Fibar engineered wood fiber.  See for more product information.

    Ground Solutions also offers its clients turn-key service to remove existing material (sand, pea gravel, rubber, PIP), and installation of drainage systems, strip drains, wear mats and filter fabric.


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  • Playground Renovation

    Ground Solutions together with Bedrock is now offering a full time crew to handle playground renovations and resurfacing.  Services included removal and disposal of surfacing and toys, drainage systems, EWF and concrete services.  We are able to offer a turn key service allowing us to handle the project from start to finish removal any outside contractors to cause delays.  We can handle any size project and generally can complete in 2-4 business days.

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  • Green Roofs and Rooftop Gardens

    Blower Truck Technology provides the most cost effective and efficient means to install soil, mulch, and aggregates to elevated planters and green roofs. Eliminates labour intensive methods and unnecessary equipment. Safe and dependable, this application allows us to go over 10 vertical stories to install the materials you need for elevated landscaping.


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  • Top Dressing

    Topdressing is the process of adding a thin layer of material over the surface of turf. A variety of materials can be used in a top dressing program including sand, soil, and compost, as well as mixtures of sand and composts. Adding materials in very thin layers over the surface of turf makes it possible to add organic amendments and gradually change the soil without disturbing the actively growing plants. Some benefits are:
    1. Providing nutrients
    2. Increasing organic matter
    3. Improving soil structure
    4. Reducing irrigation
    5. Reducing thatch
    6. Improving surface irregularities
    7. Adding beneficial microbes
    8. Reducing winter damage
    9. Reducing weeds
    10. Reducing nutrient losses to surface and ground water


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  • Mulch & Bark

    We can install colored mulches, bark and different types of cedar’s through our blower trucks. This application provides great value to our customers by reducing costly labor hours, eliminating piles and clean up of material, and efficiently placing materials in hard to reach sloped areas and difficult to access places.

    We install into new landscape applications as well as refresh existing. The blower truck is the delivery and installation truck allowing for clean and even distribution of materials into all your landscape beds.


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  • Terraseeding & Erosion Control

    Terraseeding is the unique process provided by a blower truck in which soil (composted topsoil or green waste) is injected with seed as it is pneumatically blown into place.

    Terraseeding is so effective because the seed is not placed just on top. We apply typically a 1 inch layer of composted soil with seed evenly distrbuted throughout the soil. The new seed germinates in a perfect growing environment, quickly developing roots, prior to extending its roots into the base soil. The results are much higher germination rates and quicker root development leading to a more successful project.


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