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Playground Engineered Wood Fiber – Playsoft

Playground Engineered Wood Fiber - Playsoft

Playground Engineered Wood Fiber – Playsoft Engineered Wood Fiber – Playsoft It’s no accident that over 50,000 playgrounds in the U.S. and Canada are surfaced with Fibar Engineered Wood Fiber (EWF) playground chips. This wood fiber playground mulch is designed and tested to be a superior product with long-term, trouble-free performance: Superior raw material. Fibar EWF… read more

Playground Surfacing Renovations

Playground Surfacing Renovations are becoming a common and necessary across Colorado. Concrete flatwork and curbing for playgrounds. Turf protection for difficult access playgrounds. One contractor completing the work from start to finish. Playground surfacing renovations from sand or pea gravel to EWF.  EWF is ASTM F 1292 compliant surface for accessibility.  Pea gravel and sand are both… read more

Playsoft, Mulch, Soil and Aggregate Install

Playground Engineered Wood Fiber - Playsoft

Playsoft, Mulch, Soil and Aggregate Install Located in Loveland, Colorado servicing all of Colorado, Wyoming, and Western Nebraska and Kansas. We can install up to 1″ aggregate at distances up to 300 feet. Playsoft installed at distances up to 400 feet at 60-75 yards per hour. Mulch installed at 35-40 yards per hour at distances… read more

Playground Surfacing Conversions

Playground Surfacing Conversions

Starting in the Summer of 2016 based in Colorado.   We began employing a full-time crew doing playground playground surfacing conversions in Northern Colorado.  Using experience from the past few years of doing a few removals here and there.  We have gone to a full crew each and every day removing playground surfacing and blower… read more

Playground Engineered Wood Fiber Blower Truck

Ground Solutions continues to grow in servicing playground contractors, schools, parks and recreation, and daycares.  We are the leader in installation of playground chips in Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas and New Mexico. We handle resurfacing by removing pea gravel and sand, demolition of toys, and handle new installation of rubber or EWF. Also installing Litetop, Hydrotech,… read more

Green Roof Media Installation

Green Roof Install at Delgany Apartments

Green Roof Media installs in Colorado have become a fixture on almost all new construction in Denver.  Almost all of these job sites have difficult access and limited space for staging of materials.  With our blower truck installation method, we have the ability to eliminate all site impact of dumping materials. A typical green roof… read more

Planter Box, Compost, Lite Weight Soil, Blower Truck

Ground Solutions services Colorado, Wyoming, Kansas, Nebraska.  offering soil, compost, amended soil, lite top, hydrotech soil.  Working with contractors, landscapers, roofing contractors to get material into multi story green roofs, planter boxes and roof tops. Please take a look at how we can help you on your next project.… read more

Mulch and Engineered Wood Fiber Refresh

If you are thinking about sprucing up your landscape, look to Ground Solutions to offer a refresh of recycle mulch, cedar or Redwood to refresh your beds.  Our pneumatic blower trucks make the job clean, fast and efficient by getting your job complete quickly. If your playgrounds are low on wood fiber, look to Ground… read more

Playground Resurfacing

Ground Solutions continues to expand its services by offering turn-key playground resurfacing work.  This includes removing pea gravel, sand, PIP, rubber or engineered wood fiber. We offer all labor, equipment, and trucking to recycle or dispose of unwanted material and the re-installation of nearly any new type.  We also handle new drain systems which includes… read more